Halfcast Podcast ask “Are We Idolising Glorified Drug Addicts?”

Halfcast Podcast ask “Are We Idolising Glorified Drug Addicts?”

With the death of 21-year-old rapper Lil Peep making headlines a few days back, a lot of conversation has surrounded the use and glorification of drugs in hip-hop. Present before but ultimately thriving now, the culture of heavy drug use continues to be an unaddressed yet severe issue in the genre. Halfcast discuss this topic as a whole in their latest visual/podcast, where PoetChuckie and Dan give their varied opinions on the matter. Offering some blunt but honest takes, all three hosts make comments drawn from personal experiences, seeing others battle with particular vice.

Tying the misuse of substances to many issues with societies youth, namely mental health, check out a snippet of the podcast above or stream it in full via SoundCloud now. Also, find more of the latest at the link provided below.

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