Tasty whip up a batch of ‘Vegan Brownies’ in new recipe

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Tasty whip up a batch of ‘Vegan Brownies’ in new recipe

Tasty attempt to satisfy the vegan sweet tooth with their new Vegan Brownies recipe, making 9-12 pieces in each, delicious batch. The alternative recipe includes most of the usual ingredients, including white sugar,  cocoa powder,  salt and flour. Some slight rarities occur in the use of demerara sugar and walnuts, but nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary will affect it’s sweet and chocolate taste. The absence of any milk is clearly evident here, but if the final results are anything to tell by then it seems to have not made much a difference. Follow the visual guide above now or visit the video’s description for a full list of ingredients. Find more recipes from Tasty here and be sure to explore more of our food related articles at the link provided below.


Credit: Tasty/Buzzfeed

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