Australia’s Anfa Rose rubberstamps his rise on ‘She Been Waiting II’ EP

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LC REVIEWS: Australia’s Anfa Rose rubberstamps his rise on ‘She Been Waiting II’ EP

Sydney raised Hip-hop/R&B artist Anfa has been on the rise for a few months now. After garnering attention last year with his project Debauched, the artist capitalised on this with singles Substance and Baby. Now, eager to expand globally, Anfa ups the ante with the release of the singles’ housing project She Been Waiting II.

The set instantly attempts to distinguish Anfa from his peers in the Trap Soul/R&B universe (Bryson Tiller, Eli Sostre etc) with a vibrant but authentic introduction titled Tangier. The  Spanish influenced track dabbles in guitar riffs as Anfa slows it down to let us into his demands. Clearly talking to a love interest, Anfa dabbles in Spanish and English as he tells a lady friend that he wants her for the night.

“I’m tryna throw you in the deep end… // Tell me are we freaking?”

Anfa is clear-cut and honest, as he states his intentions for the night. The Spanish theme is definitely a unique touch and catches the listener off-guard. In an era full of redundancy, it’s nice to hear when artists are authentically try new soundscapes/influences.

Other signs of Anfa’s potential are found on the sets third offering Substance. The singer glides through the melodic offering, while the heavy bass stops him in his tracks now and then, making the track the perfect blend of smooth and sharp. In a slightly auto-tuned lacing, the singer/rapper lets the world know that his standards are usually higher, but that he’s prepared to compromise in this scenario.

“I should never trust her // But f*ck it, she’s a hottie and I love her”

Anfa is intrigued and unloads on the relatable scenario of just going with the flow. The hilariously honest record is clearly one of the EP’s standouts and has to date racked up hundreds of thousands of streams as a single. Anfa at this point proves he has diversity and the ability to create a hit.

Another side of Anfa is his overwhelming vulnerability conveyed throughout the EP. However, it’s prominence, in totality is found on love ballad Drunk. Over the somber and dark soundscape, the lyrics delve into the struggles of love and how alcohol in this scenario is used a cushion for the entertainer to unload.

“This thing is deeper than a b*tch // I don’t sleep with no one else” He sings/raps at the start of the song.

Clearly, the trials and tribulations of a “situationship” and being discussed here. Although a commonplace term in millennial culture, more often than not, new age R&B singers unload on the complexities of such a scenario. Here, Anfa adds his two cents and like all of us, struggles in this arena. It’s great to hear such an anecdotal record, which almost feels like a friend discussing their struggles.

Anfa Rose manages to again convey the relatable aspects of his life in a sharp and clear-cut fashion, a testament to his penmanship. She Been Waiting II is an honest, diverse and catchy record. The multifaceted talent clearly knows who he is as an artist and unveils his canvas to the world with an overwhelming sense of confidence. This confidence paired with the substance to back it up is more than enough for listeners all over the world to understand that Anfa’s come up is here, and growing by the day. A refreshing and appropriate record.

Stream She Been Waiting II below:

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