LA SWAVE drops must-listen “Let Me Live” LP

LA SWAVE drops must-listen “Let Me Live” LP

La Swave kicks off 2018 how all great musicians should – by dropping an impressive body of work – this time in the form of the stunning “Let Me Live” LP. Now available on most major platforms, the growing musician quickly follows up his popular 2017 effort with another exciting project. Gaining some significant momentum and acclaim, especially after dropping the standalone single “Stay the Night“, La Swave demonstrates his versatility and true ability on this all-new release.

Whether it’s lyrical strutting on “50 Dance” or executing a brilliant afro-swing anthem with “My Hopeless Love Song“, it’s evident the rapper can do it all. There is much appeal in his songwriting and overall sound, offering a breadth of styles which truly are a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re into bars, beats or anything in between, La Swave ensures there’s something here for you that you’ll 100% enjoy.

In-house production and features all around only enhance the authenticism of the project, showcasing some of La Swave‘s best work within the humble 9-track offering. Guest appearances include the likes of Tops Mafioso, Elijah Melo, Chantal and Kid Bracer. Supporters of La Swave will never be short of music that’s for sure, as he drops this effort shortly after the equally impressive EP, “Before My Bad Decisions” (listen via SoundCloud here). Stream the tape below and be sure to let us know your thoughts in our comment section. Find more new music by clicking the hyperlink underneath now.

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