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Look Mate x Hayward Gallery x Benjamin Craven collaborate on “Hayward Gallery” edition socks

Look Mate Socks unveil their latest collaboration, this time teaming up with The Hayward Gallery and well-known designer, Benjamin Craven. In celebration of the gallery’s re-opening this Spring, the staple London venue celebrates its 50th anniversary and receives a ceremonial sock edition in true Look Mate style.

Artist and illustrator Benjamin Craven is responsible for the abstract design, drawing heavy inspiration from everyday sights and occurrences in the city. Applying features such as the bright colours of the supermarket aisles to architectural collisions, the talented artist pulls heavily from his surroundings to execute a vibrant and attractive design.

Presenting a fun, pop aesthetic, Benjamin had this to say on the design:

It was hard to not get carried away. Concentrating on the iconic robot face, I felt like this was a great opportunity to play with colour and patterns. Everyone needs a jazzy sock!”

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Available now, get the “Hayward Gallery” edition socks exclusively from the South Bank Centre store here for £12 a pair. Preview the pair above or see them in detail at the link provided. Also, find more of the latest by clicking the link provided below.

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