Olivia Nelson’s “Smother Me” is the smoothest record you’ll hear all week

Olivia Nelson’s “Smother Me” is the smoothest record you’ll hear all week

Every artist has a producer that they make magic with – and it seems as though Jarreau Vandal is exactly that producer for Olivia Nelson. After the release of hugely popular records “Hideaway” and “Someone That You Love” (which has gained over 5 million streams to date), the two come together once more for brand new R&B/Soul single, “Smother Me“. Heavy piano keys and a delightful vinyl crackle set the mellow tone right from the intro onwards, backing up Olivia‘s smooth and controlled vocals matching well with her delivery of the lyrics.

The 21-year-old singer/songwriter communicates true feeling on this record, with honest, heavy words explaining the lasting effects of love. Her measured range and passionate voice offers similar qualities to the traditional soul/R&B acts she looks up to, with unique elements which clearly set her music apart. Headling her next show at Servant Jazz Quarters and with even more new music on the way, stream Olivia Nelson‘s latest below now via SoundCloud. Be sure to give us your thoughts on the track in our comment section or explore more of the latest at the link provided underneath.


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