808INK remain true to their unique style with “When I’m About, You’ll Know” EP

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808INK remain true to their unique style with “When I’m About, You’ll Know” EP

Ultimate genre-bending duo 808Ink, unleash their new project “When I’m About, You’ll Know” or #WIAYK for short. 808Charmer and Mumblez BlackInk combine once more in perfect harmony for another impressive effort, this time wrapped into a compact 9-track offering. Previously featuring the likes of Sam Wise (HOP), IDEH, Daniel OG and more, the rapper-producer duo decided to go it alone – unlike their last release, “Hungry” which had a few features.

Kicking things off with “Flexing (Side A)“, the well-performing single brings energy right from the jump. If you ever wanted a song to reflect 808Ink‘s style and character on-track, this would probably be it. The same could be said for last and latest release, “Come Down“, which features clean, electro-heavy production with standout kicks. It’s safe to say you won’t hear instrumentals or rapping like this elsewhere.

The following song happens to be the third most popular of the tape in terms of streaming, as melodic record “Top Flow” retains the momentum from a standout, track 4. Remaining songs “Handy” and “Flexing (Side B)” will almost definitely grow in popularity, showing the versatility of the pair as they continue to blend genres. If anything they’ve created a genre themselves, with no label to put on “When I’m About, You’ll Know” -or 808Ink in general.

Stream their new release below now via Spotify or access it on all other streaming platforms here. Also, check out more new music releases at the link provided underneath.

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