Azealia Banks launches ‘Fantasea II’ campaign with ‘Movin’ On Up’

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Azealia Banks launches ‘Fantasea II’ campaign with ‘Movin’ On Up’

Azealia Banks is back! Following her lucrative new record deal with Entertainment One, the multifaceted act kickstarts her Fantasea II campaign with the release of the projects first single Movin’ On Up.

Produced by Newbody, the House-heavy cut sees Azealia back in her element as she delivers lyrically throughout. Delivering in places a vintage flow, the rapper moves between a fast a punchy style and a calm, mellow vibe. The record also features An Expresso, who adds to the fun-laidback number with his adlibs.

“Keep checkin’ it, clockin’ it // Bitches be jockin’ the hip-hop phenomenon // I’m livin’ life larger than Buddha // I’ll freak him then leave him there in astonishment”

She spits across the single. In preparation for the Fantasea II drop (due later this quarter), Azealia has also placed its first edition on all streaming platforms.

It looks like things are in fact Movin’ On Up for Ms. Banks, catch the infectious cut below:

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