Bad Manners – NYC’s Liana Bank$ talks sensual new single, writing for Fabolous and women’s rights in music

Bad Manners – NYC’s Liana Bank$ talks sensual new single, writing for Fabolous and women’s rights in music

Since our last #LOSTCULTUREMEETS, Liana Bank$ has been hard at work in the Big Apple cultivating her career and preparing new music. The singer-songwriter is due to release her second project titled APT 210 in the coming months. To capitalize on the EP, the multifaceted talent has unlocked its latest single titled Bad Manners which is a sensual number, to say the least. As Liana puts the finishes touches on her music and continues to write for industry heavyweights at the same time, we caught up with her to discuss Bad Manners, collaborating with Fabolous and the highly anticipated APT 210 project.


What inspired Bad Manners?

My homie Simen-Sez played the instrumental for me one night after a session. It was still in its early stages but something about the groove of it had me hooked. It was a co-production with him and Aidan Carroll, their differences complemented each other so well.

I blasted it on the train ride home and went straight to my notepad. It was soft and sensual but bold and demanding at the same time- reminded me of myself and the way my mind works when I’m interested in someone. I’ll pretend I’m not too deep into it just to feel it out, but this is what’s really going on in my mind. I don’t reveal it unless I really like you. Scorpio tings dem.

Why so explicit with the number?

On 210 (upcoming EP), I wanted to tap further into the inner workings of my personality. The parts that I rarely (or only halfway) share. My sensuality being one of those things.

Are you exploring your sensual/sexual sides of your personality on APT 210?

A bit, but it isn’t the center of this project. The project’s nucleus lies in me literally trying to pick myself apart in hopes to put myself back together. Becoming my own therapist, I wrote down a list of questions and challenged myself to answer them in song form.

Do you feel that women are scrutinised for being sexually expressive in music today?

Absolutely. It’s pretty lame. They’re cool with men sexually demeaning women in songs and have no issue bringing it to mainstream radio. When a woman is speaking on her exploits or desires and embracing her sensualism, the conversation automatically becomes “oh I bet she’s great in bed” or “damn, she’s a freak” etc. People are weirdos if you ask me lol. Sensuality is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated. Art’s supposed, to be honest, and passionate. What’s more honest and passionate than that?

Switching gears, who have you given tracks to lately?

*pauses* I can’t say. But I will say that I’m very excited!

Sounds very interesting. How was it to work on the Fabolous / Jadakiss project?

That was crazy and super unexpected! I wrote that hook 2-3 yrs ago. I was working on a duet with Fab (who’s not human by the way! Lol wordplay is ridiculous and he writes so fast!) but yeah, we were working on that and then his producer Mally sent me a few other tracks to touch. This was during a rough time for the #BLM movement. Every day there was a new innocent black life taken, it had me sick! I put this track on and couldn’t help spilling my feelings about the issue. I wanted to make something that would help shed some light on the killings. I thought he didn’t like it! Then two years later I get a text saying he’s putting Jadakiss and Teyana on it. The universe is crazy!

Will there be any more features on APT 210?

Hmmm. *pauses* Possibly

Do you prefer writing or being the full artist?

My artistry is my therapy. It’s how I survive tbh. It allows me to bare my soul or just have a good time. I get to be super honest, I love that! I live for that! Writing fulfills me in a different way. It’s rewarding to help another person effectively communicate what they’re feeling. I love them both and hope to be able to follow in the footsteps of artists who were able to do contribute on both ends.

Neyo had an amazing career all while writing top-tier songs for the best of the best: Beyonce’s Irreplaceable, Rihanna’s Take A Bow, Mario’s Let Me Love You, Missy wrote Aaliyah’s One in A Million, Whitney Houston’s  My Love is Your Love, the Cousin Skeeter theme song *laughs*, Bruno Mars wrote F you for Ceelo and R Kelly wrote You Are Not Alone for Michael Jackson! This is not including any of their own successful hits either. If you got the pen, use it!

How does your fashion fit in with the music?

My fashion circles around my mood so does my music. I like to wear clothes that say what I’m feeling without me having to actually say so. When it comes to speaking about my problems to others, I suck! But give me a pen and I’ll write my life story. I’m not a big talker when it comes to my emotions. Music and fashion both help me express them.

What is the biggest inspiration for your music right at this moment?

Plants! Flowers, trees. Anything that grows from the earth and withstands changes in weather. I relate to plants. Trees stand firmly in most weather, unhinged, unbothered. That’s my tough side. Then we have flowers. Nice to admire, but delicate to touch. Can be easily wilted, but If replanted in a new soil can grow again. That’s my softer side. I think I’m a balance of the two.

Lastly, looking to the future, do you have plans to sign to a major because you seem comfortable indie?

I have plans to put my stamp on this industry. With who? I don’t know just yet. But whether it’s major or indie that stamp will be made. I’m just really excited for what’s next and ready to work even harder!


Listen to Liana Bank$‘ brand new single Bad Manners below:


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