Five thoughts after first listen: Saweetie – ‘High Maintenance’

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Five thoughts after First listen: Saweetie – High Maintenance

New kid on the block Saweetie blew up late last year after her Soundcloud drop ICY GRL became an instant viral sensation across socials. Looking to capitalise on her rapid-rise, Saweetie recently teamed with Warner to create her debut mixtape High Maintenance. After a quick-fire first play LØST CULTURE give five instant reactions.


1) Saweetie‘s had a lot of relationship drama:

High Maintenance is littered with love related one-liners and subs to possible relationship dramas of the past. Cuts such as B.A.N. tell us that Saweetie has definitely been through that post-breakup glo up.

“You thought you was slick, but you slippin yeah yeah // Almost had me thinking you were different yeah yeah”.

 The lyricist was most definitely in her feelings during the studio sessions.

2) If Iggy Azalea was a real American with an authentic accent it would sound similar to Saweetie:

A bit of a weird one, but if you sit back and listen at certain points of the tape, the MC’s slick California sound is reminiscent of the Australian femcee. However, Saweetie sounds more polished as a rapper.

3) Saweetie‘s pen-game could be improved:

Although High Maintenence isn’t terrible, going forward Saweetie could work on her lyrical ability for future EP’s / LP’s. To be fair to her, she’s only just learned how to construct a record, so with time hopefully she can master and implement this skill for the future. Perhaps a mentor in the game would work for her.

4) Good Good should be a single:

All of the records are laid-back and slow in terms of tempos, the only song with a slight melodic edge was Good Good. The record shows a different, softer side to Saweetie which could help to demonstrate her diversity to the industry and fans. If Warner and Saweetie are looking to push this project via singles, this track should definitely be considered.

5) ICY GRL is High Maintenance‘s biggest record:

Saweetie‘s biggest hit to date, ICY GRL, is ironically the mixtapes biggest track. There are no other songs on the tape that give you that instant draw that ICY did and that’s a problem. None of the records are terrible, but Saweetie definitely needs to explore her potential going forward and find a way to elevate her sound.


Stream High Maintenance below:


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