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The English landscape musically is moving at an incredibly fast rate. Artists such as Mahalia, IAMDDB and more are flourishing within the Alternative R&B landscape. Louis III appears to be a part of this new movement also. Hailing from South London, the singer created a viral reaction with his debut single Fever Thoughts. Drawing instant comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean, and sparking a debate on socials with his visuals for the single, Louis is now back with his second single Goosebumps, which again rubberstamps his talent. As interest continues to grow, LØST CULTURE caught up with Louis to discuss the inspirations behind Fever ThoughtsFrank Ocean comparisons and more.


Introduce yourself to the readers?

I’m Louis III, I’m 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Croydon *laughs* I sound like I’m on Take Me Out.

What inspired Fever Thoughts?

That anxious, manic, weird feeling you get when you’ve got bad insomnia and it’s 5 am and all you wanna do is sleep!

The visuals for Fever Thoughts are quite unique, what was the process behind the video and did you have a lot of input?

Cheers! I tend to have visuals in my head when I’m writing a song – it’s how my brain works. I knew I wanted it to feel glitchy and trippy, and I know what my aesthetic is like and what visuals I don’t like and I like  – bold, colourful, Pop, clean, multi-hue. I came to my mate Jasper Cable-Alexander with the ideas I had for this track and my next single Goosebumps and he was down to put his touch on it – he smashed it and we shot the two videos in two days.

Your single has been described by some outlets as “Croydon’s answer to ‪Frank Ocean”. What is your response to this? Is he an inspiration of yours?

So mad! I can only be grateful for the comparisons, I’m a huge fan ‪Frank Ocean – he’s a proper artist and each of his projects is so well thought out and fresh. It will be funny to see if the comparisons stick as I release more music and people start to hear how my sound develops. Comparisons are good but you’ve gotta carve out your own lane.

What brought you to music generally?

I’ve always had to express myself somehow – I feel happiest when I’m creating or performing. Music was the right fit for me as it’s so multifaceted, and I knew it was the only thing I’d be happy doing full time.

Do you think music as a whole in the UK is changing?

The UK music scene is crazy for how quickly it shifts, and comes up with something fresh – I find that mad exciting. If you look at what Grime was doing on the underground and how it’s now one of the main things you hear on Radio 1, or even how much Dancehall and Afrobeats have been absorbed into the mainstream. I think it’s exciting and I love scoping out new sounds and bringing them into my music – I’m like a musical Magpie I just like shiny new sounds.

Your single floats across a few genres, do you think as a whole you cross over genres musically or can you be described as one? If so which one?

Even if I tried I couldn’t describe my music in one genre. I’m all about music that crosses genres and melds new sounds. People like ‪Major Lazer are huge inspirations to me and I was always exposed to and listen to so many different genres that I couldn’t make something that was just in one lane. Also being mixed race I’m drawn towards the meeting points of cultures and identities.

Who are some of your favourites in the U.K. arena right now?

Avelino, Mabel, Anne-Marie, ‪Rudimental, WESLEE, NAO, Jorja Smith and Calvin Harris. There’s also a new artist called Anaïs who’s track Nina is sick.

What do you seek to do within music over the coming months/years?

Just keep building. Keep making and releasing the kind of music I would want to hear out there, with visuals that get better and better and then to come with a massive, impactful live show!

Do you have any upcoming gigs?

April 12th FORECAST at Scotch, London!

Is there a project in the works this year?

We’ll see – for now, I’m not creating with a specific project/album in mind, but I know I have songs that will be on my longer project.

Would you say your sound is international or local/domestic?

International, with local flavours.

What is your ideal festival line up?

Kanye, MIA, ‪Rihanna, Disclosure as headliners for sure.

Are you signed? If not is that a goal of yours?

Independent! For the moment, nope! In the future who knows, I’m happy with what I’m able to achieve independently for now.

Lastly, is it challenging being an artist today?

It’s fucking hard! I’ve had to work so many other jobs whilst writing over the past few years and trying to make it as an artist – for me it wasn’t the right thing to sign away anything early and it not be right, but there’s a trade off cause it’s a struggle. It’s worth it though to get to do what you love.


Louis III‘s latest single Goosebumps is available to stream here

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