24hr Trifecta: Breaking announcements from J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake

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Trifecta Catch-Up: Breaking announcements from J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Widely recognised as this decade’s leading three hip hop artists, DrakeJ. Cole and Kendrick Lamar all made some breaking announcements in the past 24 hours. Those not on social media may not be aware of the trio’s new albums, prestigious awards and more. Below, you can see what news each artist broke:

Drake :

📀 JUNE 2018

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We’ll start off with Drake as his announcement came first, hitting supporters worldwide with news of his upcoming album “Scorpion” via Instagram. Rumoured to be his last, it turns out it will just be the last project on his contract with Young Money.  Already dropping the single and visuals for “Nice For What” – which is unconfirmed for the project but is likely to appear – the rumoured artwork can be seen above.

June 18th appears to be the date to save, with subtle details about the album seen on the back of the rapper’s bomber jacket. The meaning behind the scorpion imagery hasn’t been identified yet, but it’s very possible that the theme is linked to Drake being a Scorpio (star sign).


Kendrick Lamar :

If any rapper was going to win an outstanding award, it was always going to be Kendrick Lamar. His story telling and execution on “DAMN” was evidently unparalleled, with that album certainly putting him in that delicate hip hop GOAT (Greatest of All Time) conversation for many. Originally meant for groundbreaking journalism, the Pulitzer Prize has now been expanded to recognize extraordinary pieces of literature, poetry, history, music, and drama.

It’s crazy to think that this isn’t even surprising for Kendrick, which is a testament to the legacy and acclaim he has built for himself over the past decade. This award just puts the icing on the cake for K Dot, who is racking up some serious achievements in his stint as a rapper!


J. Cole :

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Last but certainly not least, the real is back, the Ville is back! J. Cole announces his new album “KOD“, arriving in just three days time on April 20th. Firstly tweeting a cryptic message “It’s time.“, before deleting it a minute later, Cole quickly followed up with the poster above. Unspecific about the nature of this instantaneous event, the “no phones, no cameras” etc surely implies some sort of listening party or preview. This free show was announced just a few hours before it launched.

A few hours later, our suspicions were confirmed with a cementing tweet, officially giving us the name and date for his new LP. Will Cole go the no features route again? How may tracks will we get this time? Self-produced entirely? Hopefully, these questions will be answered over the course of the next few days. Stay tuned and visit back soon for more.

So, which news are you most excited about? Be sure to comment all of your thoughts below and explore more new music & related news via the link below.

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