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Five thoughts after first listen: Cardi B – ‘Invasion of Privacy’

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Five thoughts after first listen: Cardi B – ‘Invasion of Privacy’

There is no hustle like the New-york hustle. From Hip-hop to business, the city is known for its crazy, hectic and unorthodox levels of work ethic. This paired with social media in the new millennium has allowed Bronx lyricist Cardi B, to transition from a quick laugh on Instagram to a bonafide rapper. In just a few short years, the personalities rise has become of the most intriguing in Hip-hop to date. Now, the outspoken artist has her biggest challenge to date – to solidify her status with a successful rollout of her debut album. Titled Invasion of Privacy, the project is set to top the Billboard charts with over 180,000 combined sales. However, sales are one thing, the real question is if the album lives up to the hype. After the first spin, LØST CULTURE highlights five initial thoughts.


1). The album touches on most of America’s contemporary Hip Hop / R&B landscape

From the trap-laced Migos led cuts (Drip), to the situationship, ego-led anthems for the ladies (I Do), Cardi is in touch with how the R&B and Hip-hop genres work in today’s world. Going into the album, it was expected that Cardi would continue her reign as “Traps Selena”. However, the rapper clearly explored further than these parameters and even employed her Latin American influences, which hints at the move towards such music edging into America’s mainstream also (in instances such as Amara La Negra). A clever strategy which allows Cardi to touch on as much of her audience as possible.


2). Most features fit in perfectly

Cardi’s choice of features for Invasion of Privacy is near perfect. 21 Savage is the best part of Bartier Cardi, Kehlani adds a vulnerable touch to Ring, which gives it that same sentimental touch that her own discography is renown for. The wait for the album was clearly, in part, for decisions like this to be finalised. The only feature which is meh, is surprisingly YG on She Bad. The song as a whole is forgettable and serves as one of the only fillers on the project.


3). Cardi is clearly getting assistance with her bars

Love it or hate it, Cardi’s lyrics are a little to slick to be just hers alone. This isn’t to say that she’s not intelligent, or can’t string together a bar or two. But in the space of just a year, her lyrics, delivery, and flow have both improved and diversified at a rapid rate. This is what in part, led to the controversy a week ago over her latest single Be Careful. It has since been revealed that there was help in the form of longtime collaborator Pardison Fontaine. The pair have worked together in the past, and it’s clear that on Invasion of Privacy, the social media sensation employed even more assistance. This isn’t to say that Cardi should be heavily scrutinised for assistance, as artists such as Drake have got away with the use of others in the past.


4). Bickenhead needs to be a single 

An instant standout from the album is the project’s third offering Bickenhead. The bass-heavy, throwback production is instantly reminiscent of femcees such as Trina, Foxy Brown etc. This is definitely a track that could easily benefit from a remix including other female rappers also. On top of this, the humorous and memorable chorus is the perfect cherry-on-top for this to be another successful single run.

“That guap guap, get some chicken, guap guap, get some bread”

These lyrics are sure to have clubs in NY and all over the world in a frenzy once this track gets spun.


5). Cardi has the perfect mix of fun and serious across the LP

Cardi, of course, revels in pussy-patting, dollars and Offset, but beyond that Invasion of Privacy delves into the Atlantic signee’s feelings, fears, and vulnerabilities. By doing this, Cardi allows audiences that didn’t know of the Instagram/Vine her to really get to know who she is. Songs such as Best Life, really get to the gritty struggle that Belcalis had to endure before her rise.

“Hair when it’s fucked up, crib when it’s filthy // Way-before-the-deal-me, strip-to-pay-the-bills-me”

The singer/rapper wears her heart on her sleeve and it contributes greatly to her animated and humorous exterior.

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