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Umbro tells long-lost World Cup story with Unforgotten Collection

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Umbro tells long-lost World Cup story with Unforgotten Collection

For Spring/Summer 2018, Umbro delves into its 94-year footballing history, rediscovering a long-lost world cup story with their seasonal Unforgotten delivery.  The collection pulls from an amazing story, involving Umbro’s founder, Harold Humphreys, his son John and the USSR.

In 1966, the brand’s founder sought out to make Umbro the most dominate label at the world cup. His son John managed to secure fifteen out of the desired sixteen, with the only unagreed party being the USSR once the tournament began. Those lost-in-time pieces inspired Umbro‘s newly released Unforgotten drop, with the timing lining up perfectly with Russia hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Split into two, the delivery features peak functionality and a strong aesthetic, elements commonly associated with Russia and their national football team. The Walkout Bomber, Graphic Tee and Quarter Zip Jacket arrives in an Brilliant White & High Risk Red set of tones. These same items are redesigned with influence from legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin, using his “Black Spider” nickname to reflect darker tones.

Both sets of garments arrive with a streetwear edge and harnesses unmistakable Balkans Font graphics across the torso. Available for a price range of £35-80, purchase your favourites from the collection over at the official Umbro website here. Select stockists in Russia and Japan will also be stocking the collection from April 25th. Be sure to comment your thoughts on the drop or find more new fashion releases at the link provided below now.


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