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Blac Youngsta is a force of his own. After years of being an underground artist on the mix-tape circuit, the Memphis rapper signed to Yo Gotti‘s imprint in 2015. Following this, Blac continued to rise and made quite a splash on social media for his viral antics and use of Hor, his undisputed catchphrase. More recently, the multifaceted act has released his Booty visual and it’s accompanying remix featuring the likes of Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Now, after surfing the social wave and debuting on Billboard with his debut album 2.23,  LØST CULTURE caught up with Blac Youngsta to discuss Hor’s, becoming viral and if Atlanta influences his sound.


First of all, what is up with all of this “Hor” speech and wild videos on social media?

I come from the hood, so I always wanted to stand out and be different and would try and figure out how to be unique. Smiling, always being hip, and making people laugh was something I found and from there. Making people’s day go by faster helps everyone.

Does the term “Hor” have its own specific meaning?

Nah man you know like where I come from, all I hear is “hoe, hoe, hoe”, so I wanted to give that a different expression, make it a bit more fun so we started saying “Hor” or “Hor’s”. I like doing different shit and standing out, that’s just me.

Were you always this entertaining as a personality or did it just happen overnight?

I have always been entertaining, that’s just how I am, I love to make people laugh. It just comes from, you know like the hood, we got nothing so it’s all about having a good time when you can. But really, I do this without even trying man, it’s just always been a part of me. I’m just glad the world is seeing what I’m doing now and mess with it.

What made you go with the Booty visual, it’s very 2005 Hip-hop?

Again, I really wanted to do something different. I’m seeing too many strip clubs, money and you know just smoking blunts looking fly. So I said, you know let me bring something different to the table a little bit. Everyone wants to look hard all the time, I wanna bring some fun back to the game and videos. I was inspired by Ludacris because I know this is the type of visuals he’s been about. This is what it’s all about in the end.

On the topic of Booty, how did it’s remix come about?

All the artists featured reached out to me. Everybody did they verses, the Jeezy’s, the Trey’s and just sent it over because they wanted to be a part of it or liked what I was doing which is a blessing. It’s crazy because it’s cool to have these people look out for me. Shoutout to the Chris, Trey, all of them because I didn’t even have to ask them.

Switching gears a little, you have this Atlanta sound/style to your music but I know you’re not from there. Have you spent a lot of time in ATL / Are you influenced in any way?

I love Atlanta a lot. Atlanta always shows me love and it will always be a second home to me, but influence wise I always got it from back home in Memphis. Yo Gotti, Juicy J, it’s because people don’t know about it as much but I will always have a love for Atlanta. Musically now, there is a bit of influence from Atlanta, I’d even say people like Beyonce inspired me with songs like ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ it’s one of the first songs I heard growing up.

Speaking of Gotti, you signed to his imprint in 2015, do you still see him as a source of inspiration?

Gotti, he influences me all the time. I have so much respect for the guy because when I signed, he taught me the work ethic it takes to get to the top, he really let me know everything and I will always appreciate the love and support he gave me.

In terms of your sound it doesn’t sound like a lot of the artists coming up today, what are your thoughts on your peers and this “mumble rap” sound?

I actually like it. You know, it’s hard to even know how far people go with mumble rap and what exactly defines what is and isn’t mumble rap sometimes, hey they might even consider me a mumble rapper, you never know. I really mess with it though, I came from the hood, the dirt so if you’re making money and minding your business just making music, why not do your thing and get out of your struggle.

With your latest project 2.23, what influenced the sound of it?

First of all, I named it that because it took 223 days after my record deal to get my first million dollars. Real life also experienced my sound and concept. My struggles were real and what I see the people around me have to go to, so now that I’ve made it, I wanted to express all of my experiences and what I’ve learned.

Out of all your projects, which would you say is your favourite and why?

I’m gonna go with I’m Innocent, just because when I made and released that, everything started to go my way. The labels started to gain interest before I was kind of in a blocked place, nothing was going right, but 8 months after, I’m seeing it all over the place. It’s crazy because ‘Booty’ was even blocked, but it shows me that any barrier can be overcome and any song or record that’s gonna be great will be in the end.

What are you most proud of in your career thus far?

The way I handle and maintain business relationships it would have to be. A lot of people get on, become fly and forget the simple stuff, but with me I could’ve died where I came from, it’s so real to me so with Gotti and everyone else giving me the opportunities, I’m grateful and always show that with everyone I work with.

Are there any plans to come to London soon?

I love London, the vibe energy and everything over there is cool. I actually did a show there a while back when I wasn’t as known, and the love there was dope. I definitely wanna come and have plans in the next few months too, London is one of the spots man.

Any projects in the works right now?

You have to always, always stay ready, so I’m always in the studio, or on my phone writing or recording. So, yeah I’m working on some new shit. I’m also gonna push the track on 2.23 ‘Heavy Camp’ with Travis, so there’s a lot going on man. I’m just happy to be here doing my thing.


Stream Blac Youngsta‘s debut album 2.23 below:


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