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Isaac Waddington has had an interesting career to date. The British artist grew up in a strict choir environment. Here, he learned how to sing and they dynamics of being an artist. Following this, Isaac had his mainstream breakthrough after featuring on the platform Britain’s Got Talent back in 2015. After a short-stint at Simon Cowell‘s SYCO records, the Portsmouth singer parted ways with the imprint in search of a more independent form of artistry. Now, on the eve of his EP release (June 22nd), LØST CULTURE met with Isaac to discuss his music-related experiences thus far.


What inspired your Doing Wrong release?

I made ‘Doing Wrong’ when I had just got my beat pad (such a good buy). My mate Finn played some chords and I knew they were perfect straight away and so we recorded them and thought why not throw an uptempo garage-esque beat over the top. 

Your upcoming EP Borselli seems to be focus on going “back to basics”, describe this theme?

Well, the back to basics theme is mainly because of the name of the E.P, Borselli which is a tiny hill top town in Italy with the bare essentials. I just wanted my first body of work to be closely related to a place I love. 

Moving backwards a little bit, how was your experience on BGT, is it really as staged as the reports make out?

I don’t know about staged. I’d say formulaic. I learned a lot while being on the platform though.

Following BGT, you signed to SYCO. What’s the comparison like between being signed to a major label imprint and being an independent artist?

Being signed to SYCO is far away from being independent. My time with the label revolved around producing a song that would shoot to the top of the charts, which works for some artists. However being independent, I have the creative freedom to really develop and hone my sound in a natural way, without guidelines.

There’s been a debate in recent years about race in the Soul and R&B arena and people of colour not receiving the same opportunities. What’s your take on that notion?

I don’t know if I know much about the debates, but I know everyone has the right to make music.

Switching gears a little to the processes as an artist, which part of the song making process would you say is your favourite and why?

It’s either when I get the basis of a groove and just jam with it for a while, or when I’ve mostly finished the song and get to polish it up and make it better.

There seems to be a lot of change going on in UK music right now, what’s your take on the genres you cover?

I just make music that I really like the sound of. Sometimes it’s influenced by tunes I’ve heard, sometimes it comes straight from my head.

Who is your favourite artist out right now and why? 

There’s loads of artists killing it at the moment. I can’t choose one!

Do you suffer from writers block / mental push-backs while creating?

Of course! It happens, but when I find the right hook, or make the right song, that’s when it all makes sense.

Lastly, what’s the best and worst thing about being an artist?

The best thing is that with hard work and perseverance, you can spend the rest of your life creating music.

The worst thing is that it can take a toll on you mentally, especially because real creativity is hard to have ‘on tap’, so I find it easy to get frustrated!


Listen to Doing Wrong below:

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