Burberry burns £28million worth of goods in attempts to stop counterfeiters

Burberry burns £28million worth of goods in attempts to stop counterfeiters

Providing the extraordinary figure themselves, premium apparel and accessories brand Burberry has reportedly set fire to around £28.6 million worth of goods and cosmetics. Although, shocking for some, this is apparently commonplace within the industry as many other luxury brands are said to frequently conduct similar operations. The point of it all is to keep unwanted items away from counterfeiters and unofficial sellers (online, c2c etc.).

The torched collection of items is said to have included coats, bags, shirts, perfumes and much more. The label insists that the practice is imperfect, but still remains a practical solution. They ensured news outlets that they’re making as little economic footprint as possible, actually aiming to grow efforts surrounding materials recycling of unused clothing.

According to The Times, Brits threw out £12.5bn worth of clothes in 2017. Dr Kirsten Brodde (Greenpeace) tells Sky News:

“This is the fashion industry’s dirty secret, with Burberry just the tip of the iceberg.”

Clearly a much more popular process than first imagined, be sure to comment your thoughts on the story below. Also, you can click our link highlighted underneath to explore more style and related news.

Source/Credit: Sky News

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