Kylie Jenner identified as youngest “self-made” billionaire with $900 Million empire

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Kylie Jenner identified as youngest “self-made” billionaire with $900 Million empire

Earlier this week, Forbes saw Kylie Jenner grace the cover of their famous finance oriented magazine, breaking headlines with news that she almost turned over $1bn USD over the course of three years. Placed high up on their yearly list of the “60 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in America“, the 20-year-old entrepreneur and social media star is said to have built an empire worth around $900m USD, largely because of her successful beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics.

However, her other businesses and deals are nothing to scoff at either. In addition to her makeup and lip kits, Kylie also has endorsements deals with brands such as PUMA and a clothing line with sister Kendall, her own TV show,  whilst modeling and making weekly TV appearances in between. These ventures were discussed in detail in her exclusive interview, where she highlights the importance of social media as a selling tool.

The debate circulating now is how accurate or exaggerated are these figures? Well, she apparently owns 100per cent of Kylie Cosmetics, has little staff/outgoings and goes through other companies to provide manufacture and distribution.

This is paired alongside another major conversation taking place on social media, about Forbes use of the word “self-made” – is she really? Even the official Dictionary got involved, providing the true definition of the word. By the time she reached her teens, Jenner was already internationally famous from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A respected second name and a pretty face will always go a long way, however, from a business side of things, does that really make her efforts significantly less impressive? She’s perhaps just not exactly, self-made is all.


110m people on Instagram 25.6m on Twitter and almost 17m that follow her cosmetics brand alone, she has a ridiculously wide reach and customer base. Acknowledging this in the recent interview, Kylie briefly says:

“I have such easy access to my fans and my customers.” 

Experts reckon she’ll reach the $1bn USD mark by the end of next year, which will actually result in her becoming the official, youngest self-made billionaire ever. Kylie Jenner will have Mark Zuckerberg beat by 2 years, who took the title at 23 years of age.

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