Popcaan Cements His Status On Dancehall Fuelled ‘Forever’ Project

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Popcaan Cements His Status On Dancehall Fuelled ‘Forever’ Project

Popcaan has been working on his international profile for the last few years. After formally debuting with his Where We Come From LP which quickly gained regional relevance, the multifaceted act has seen a global rise in his popularity. Clearly seeking to follow the blueprint of Vybz Kartel and Spice, the Jamaican artist found himself collaborating with Gorillaz in 2016, and on Drake’s tour in 2017. Now, after three years Popcaan returns with Forever, his sophomore set and it’s most definitely worth the wait.

Although he mainly sticks to the contemporary Dancehall genre, Popcaan employs other elements of the Caribbean as a whole across his second album. For example, on Foreign Love, the singer uses the pace and mood of Reggae to convey his craving for romance and companionship. Popcaan is a clear natural here and sounds like a member of the Marley’s as he slides through the number. However, the seasoned artist keeps his composure as he shares more familiar sounding songs such as Call Me. The cut is right at home with all of the Dancehall classics and feels like a natural single choice for Popcaan.

The topic focus of the project as a whole screams sensual desires, but Popcaan is classy in his delivery. Body So Good tells the tale of the singer and his admiration for the female body, but instead of approaching the topic in a derogatory fashion (as some facets of Hip-hop have done) Popcaan centres women and puts them on a pedestal. This theme of respect is a constant throughout Forever and adds a dynamic and contemporary touch to the LP.

Despite the laid-back introduction, Popcaan, in placestouches on serious and culturally relevant issues on Forever. Lef My Gun expands on the Jamaican’s tribulations while growing up.

“Di street dem cold like ice cube // Man all a shoot people inna high school”

He sings across the first verse. Having now overcome his jagged past, Popcaan teaches listeners to leave negativity behind and push forward, just two songs later he’s giving thanks for being immersed in music and on a better, more fulfilling path. This trend is common with some Jamaican and Caribbean artists and represents the fact that music is often a form of escapism and pathway to better circumstances.

Overall, Forever gives fans everything required from a sophomore project – depth, growth and authenticity. Popcaan proves that he continues to expand as an artist with his already popular Davido collaboration (Dun Rich), delves into the struggles it took to get to his current position, but still manages to maintain a presence that feels familiar with his instantly infectious Dancehall smashes. The ascent to a long-term, Jamaican musical force is close for Popcaan at this point.

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