Sleazy F shows transparency on raw new release, “No Cap”

Sleazy F shows transparency on raw new release, “No Cap”

Manchester-based rapper Sleazy F brings to light some heavy truths, showing full transparency on his brand new release, “No Cap“. Discussing past relationships and failed friendships, the skilled lyricist goes into some detail about his current tribulations. The track showcases more of his ability to switch between various flows and place light metaphors around meaningful bars.

A lot of the magic with Sleazy lies in his confident character, tongue-n-cheek braggadocio and blunt way of articulating things. All of these qualities are consistent and are certainly presented in full on this fresh freestyle. Commonly mentioning his DRIPSET brand/crew – which includes Kdon, Culps, Matic and more, Sleazy once again points out the style he “fathered” as the track reaches its conclusion. Fans of the rapper will catch a few more references embedded throughout.

Stream “No Cap” on Soundcloud below now and be sure to comment your thoughts on the record underneath. Also, click the link highlighted to explore more brand new music.

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L Ø S T  C U L T U R E

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