The Internet drop anticipated summer album, “Hive Mind”

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The Internet drop anticipated summer album, “Hive Mind

Since the release of ‘Ego Death’ in 2015. Yes 2015! We’ve been very, very, very patiently waiting for new music from The Internet. It’s understandable that they wanted to go off and each do a solo project but just don’t do this to us again! Thanks!

‘Hive Mind’ which is now the fourth studio album from California band The Internet was released on 20th July, just in time for the rest of festival season.

After seeing an interview with Syd, who is the lead singer (and quite possibly one of the coolest women in music right now) prior to ‘Hive Mind’ being released where she claimed the album was going to be more upbeat than ‘Ego Death’ so the band could create more of a party vibe when performing at festivals, we assumed the album was going to be similar to the first release from it, ‘Roll (Burbank Funk)’.

However, this isn’t the case. If anything, ‘Hive Mind’ is much more soulful, mature and mellow in comparison. ‘Come Over’ and ‘Stay The Night’ provide that soulful, rnb sound, then there are tracks like ‘Beat Goes On’ which breaks down into a Yussef Kamaal style jazz beat.

‘La Di Da’ will make you feel like you should be at a roller disco in a pair of corduroy’s and an orange crop top with a pair of retro sunglasses and maybe this is why The Internet have had so much success. They are true musicians who can create something brand new which sounds retro without completely biting any old music.

‘Hold On’ shows Syd doing what she does best. Singing that baby making music! Smooth, chilled and effortless.

We won’t give everything away but all in all the album is sexy, seductive and fun at the same time. It’s mixed down to perfection and is bound to sound amazing live. You can’t deny that L.A sound.

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