Anjelo Disons Demands ‘Sweet Love’ On His Latest Single // Talks New-EP ‘For The Love’

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Anjelo Disons Demands ‘Sweet Love’ On His Latest Single // Talks New-EP ‘For The Love’

The UK music scene is in a place of diversity. Many acts a breaking through the mould and flourishing with their unique contributions. Anjelo Disons is a part of this transition. Proving popular with his last releases ‘Stay The Night’ and ‘Love Don’t Come Easy’, the singer is back with his latest release ‘Sweet Love’ and it’s nothing short of amazing.

From the Jazz-infused production, to the laid-back and rich vocals, Disons clearly has a winner with this record. The record talks about his yearn for a stable, and passion infused romance which he’s not afraid of embracing. Anjelo has seen his career take flight after supporting the likes of Bridget Kelly and receiving consistent support from BBC Radio 1xtra.

Next month, the act will release his highly anticipated new project ‘For The Love’. Speaking exclusively to LØST CULTURE, Anjelo tells us what to expect and who shares more of who he is as an artist.


What or who inspired your single ‘Sweet Love’?

Well I’d say many things while reflecting in my own time about love. I do remember having chorus melody stuck in my head the entire day around the time.

Sweet Love’s lyrics though were written with my friend Kemi and was originally inspired by seeing the effects friendship had on a close friend of mine who was in hospital at the time feeling very poorly. The hospital staff & her mum would tell us how she’d been feeling down the entire day but when we all came to visit her she lit up and seemed to be almost completely fine. This spurred me to reflect on the positive effect of love and the effects it has people throughout the song, describing it as “Sweet Love”.

Can you describe your sound for us?

Feeling. For me music is an art form of expression, and my sound choice from picking the instruments right down to the writing & production are all tools in trying to paint a picture of different emotions. I love making the listener feel what I mean by the song, whether it be happiness, sadness or love.

My main influences are definitely routed in Soul, RnB, Jazz and Gospel but I’m really just influenced by anything that evokes feeling.

What attracts you to Jazz?

It’s a perfect balance of discipline and expression. Jazz is one my favourite genres of music because of how expressive it is and how it is the backbone of 80% of the music I listen to.

How was it supporting US star Bridget Kelly?

That was really an amazing experience. I was at college at the time and it definitely was motivation in seeing what I was working towards

What songs are you regularly streaming right now?

Everything under the sun to be honest. It all depends on how I feel or what I want to feel. Normally though it’s a mixture between old school R&B/Hip-hop classics , Jazz standards  and some of the sick new music that comes from the UK,  like Tiana Major 9’s new single, ‘Mr Mysterious’ so sick.

Which artists or songs inspire your sound / music?

I’d say a balance of old and new alike. Music that came before is always foundation for what is new. Artist like D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder are some of the foundations of my music I make. At the same time I’m very much influenced by the music that is around me and interpretations of my environment. Music in South London is a cooking pot of many different cultures, with a lot of talented guys.

I play a lot with my band The Oracle. They’re all so talented and we all strive to just better each other and be the best player we can be. They all definitely inspire me definitely.

What is your upcoming EP about?

The EP is a love story that explains my interpretation of love, what it means to me and how it effects those around me.

One of my interpretations was that love is the driving force of why anyone  does anything they’re extremely passionate about. That’s why the EP is called ‘For The Love’

Lastly, what are your goals for the remainder of 2018 / the next five years?

Hard Question. A lot of things to be honest, but mainly to doing what I love, creating music. My goal is to take my music to the across the world and evoke emotion in people. So to do a tour in another country would definitely be a goal. I’d love to have an album by then as well.


Stream ‘Sweet Love’ below.

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