Brooke Candy Displays Her Sexual Weapon (Music Video).

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Brooke Candy Displays Her Sexual Weapon

Brooke Candy has dropped her latest single, ‘My Sex‘, accompanied by a mind-blowingly visual music video. Mykki Blanco and Nadya from Pussy Riot accompany Brooke to develop this fantasy creation.

Provocative moves and being sexually experimental is what Brooke Candy is most known for within her work. However, this video takes it to the next level. The video sees the three artists as 3D animated sex dolls in a scarcely yet stunningly realistic fashion. The level of detail is impressive. Tattoos and piercings mark each contributors individuality as they inflate, deflate, and move through a gender spectrum.

The music and video go hand in hand to promote a sex-positive and empowering message. Verses from Brooke repeat mantra-like expressions such as ‘My sex is my weapon … my sex is not your sex’.  Verses from Mykki and Nadya contrast those of Brooke in a raw and fresh style.

It’s also not surprising that this sexually progressive artist has just collaborated with PornHub. Brooke cast and directed a queer porn film with the intention to bring a new form of sensuality to an industry that she feels is lacking. As a pansexual woman, Brooke created something that basically caters to her own taste. She hopes that her own take on porn will go way beyond porn as we know it now.

My Sex‘ is taken from Brooke’s anticipated ‘War‘ Ep which is due later on this month. If ‘My Sex‘ is a prelude to ‘War‘, it’s fair to say that fans are in for something big.

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