Manchester’s grime poet Fiascoo speaks on new video “Stephen Archer”

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Manchester’s grime poet Fiascoo speaks on new video “Stephen Archer”

Manchester’s viral grime poet and captain of the winning Red Bull Grime-A-Side team, Fiascoo, releases his deeply personal and moving video for “Stephen Archer” – taken from his latest project “Truestories 2“.

Fiascoo has never been the kind of artist to make false claims through his lyrics, in fact he does the complete opposite.

One of the many reasons he is so popular and so well-respected is his ability to speak his truth through music, he holds nothing back and somehow manages to keep composure even when sharing the most hurtful and emotional parts of his life.

His honesty has meant people all around the world have connected and empathised with him in some way, and the video to his track “Stephen Archer” has already racked up over 12,000 views in less than a week.

In 2016 Fiascoo‘s mum Julie Archer was tragically killed by her brother Stephen Archer.

We spoke to Fiascoo about the concept for the song and video, he tells us :

“There was a 5 day period after the incident where he hadn’t been caught so it was me vs the police. Who would catch him first, and I’m expressing what I would have done if I had caught him. The chorus is also in another language, it means ‘I’ll take your life.”

In regards to the video, Fiascoo further explains:

“I’ve never really had any emotions filming a video before other than ‘Julie Archer’ but doing this one I had mixed emotions of feeling sad, angry and kinda happy that I could vent during filming although I can’t watch it back at all. It includes real footage from the BBC documentary.”

Produced by beats by Rakz and Two4kay, and filmed/directed by KTS, check out the video above now and explore more new music via our link underneath.

Credit: LinkUpTv

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