Marvel responsible for cancellation of Donald Glover’s “Deadpool” series with FX

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Marvel responsible for cancellation of Donald Glover’s “Deadpool” series with FX

The chief at FX (John Landgraf) recently explained in an interview that the anticipated “Deadpool” series with Marvel and The Glovers (Donald and Stephen) has been cancelled – but it isn’t their doing. Marvel apparently pulled rank and pulled the plug on the exciting project, due to creative differences for the script/approach Donald and Stephen had created.

Said to be an animated series, Donald recently posted a 15-page script assisted by some clarification, saying that he “wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool,” as some originally thought. Now this statement has been clarified by a head at FX, who told Variety:

They didn’t want to do the show that Donald and Stephen [Glover] wrote. We would have done show that Donald and Stephen wrote, but it wasn’t our decision. When Marvel decided not to do that show, we parted company with them as did Donald and Stephen.

Old news to some, this just offers a bit of confirmation and some clarity for those interested in the future of the series. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in our comment section underneath or explore more tv/trailers/movie news by clicking our link highlighted below.

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