Parents have started hiring Fortnite tutors for their kids

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Parents have started hiring Fortnite tutors for their kids

The Fortnite craze continues, as news outlets are now reporting that parents are hiring tutors to train their children. Aiming for the kids to get better at the Battle Royale video game, Wall Street Journal identified some families are paying as much as $20 per hour to help sharpen their youth’s skills. Available on almost all platforms, including IPhone, PC, PlayStation 4Xbox One and more, the idea apparently stems from some children not coping well with defeat. Not only is it demotivating, but it can have consequences when a child is the results of a loss until team play.

The game which sees one hundred players battle one another in an elimination-based format, can possibly be having stronger effects on the kids who lose. Variety explains:

“Some children are feeling pressure not just to play with their friends, but also succeed.”

Examples include a parent who himself teaches his son how to last longer in the game, doubling and then further tripling his win rate after a period of coaching. With new challenges coming to the game, this practice may just become a lot more popular. Be sure to give us your thoughts on the Fortnite epidemic below or click ou link underneath to explore more of the latest.

Source: Variety

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