Tasty presents recipe for sprinkle spiral donuts “Confetti Crullers”

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Tasty presents recipe for spiral donuts “Confetti Crullers”

A twist (pun intended) on donuts was recently presented by Tasty, who explored a new way of making the popular party food, “Confetti Crullers“. Providing an alternative recipe for the sweet snack, some familiar toppings appear, including multicoloured sprinkles and a frosty glaze.

Usual ingredients are used for the batter, with vanilla extract added for flavor. Cream cheese, canola oil and a star-shaped piping tool, are the only few items you may not already have in your cupboards. Relatively simple the follow, check out the recipe above now or visit Tasty here for a step by step guide.

Please send us your pictures if you attempt the recipe or find many more dishes by clicking our link below.

Credit: Buzzfeed

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