The Canopy House: Bringing the Outside, Indoors.

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The Canopy House: Bringing the Outside, Indoors.

Rob Paulus Architects‘ home renovation, The Canopy House, exemplifies how to bring minimalist luxury to Tuscon.

Created in 2012, The Canopy House is a 4,500 sq ft space based in Tucson. The two owners, a physician, and an author wanted to create more space in their home.

To achieve this, several walls were taken down in order to create a more open view. The use of natural materials and color palettes also dominate to create nature-inspired spaces.

The outdoor is noteworthy due to an external living area that includes a kitchen, while there’s also a cinema room equipped with Eames chairs.

The opening up of the house embraces the lush landscape of its desert site while improving the flow and experience of the property.

Take a look at the gallery to see for yourself.

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