The Nextmen vs Gentleman’s Dub Club – “Pound for Pound”.

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The Nextmen vs Gentleman’s Dub Club – “Pound for Pound”.

North London based songwriting/DJ duo, The Nextmen and Gentleman’s Dub Club, have joined forces to create a musical masterclass. Their new album, “Pound for Pound”, is a twelve-track collaboration with a variety of features. Blending a mixture of genres such as dancehall, reggae, and rap set to be a treat, to the ears of many fans.

This album instantly forces you to either throw your hands up or sway your hips. The energy of the Gentleman’s Dub Club’s live shows teamed with The Nextmen’s expertise in genre-fusing is flavoured with a legendary mix of UK talent. The album closer, “Pristine”, is a perfect example of the overall album’s vibe.  Vocalist Eva Lazarus adds dancehall vibes to the mix with a soulful edge. The flare of lyrical wordsmith Gardna interjects with clever dubwise verses. Their own unique sounds and personalities serve to amplify the character of the album.

Among the featured guests also smashing the festival circuit this summer is Kiko Bun.  A strong supporter of organic reggae music, Bun contributes to a chilled out and sun-washed vibe.  His vocals appear on tracks such as “See You Next Tuesday“, “Misty Eyes” and “County Line“. Also joining the “Pound for Pound” crew are the insane vocalist Joe Dukie, along with Hollie Cooke, P Diggs, J Man and Parly B.

Earlier this month the two iconic outfits took the Poco Loco stage at this year’s Boomtown Fair by storm with Eva Lazarus, Kiko Bun, and Gardna. By cutting out the middleman and producing this album themselvesthe two groups are creating exciting sounds with complete freedom. At the same time, they’ve provided direct support for lesser-known artists to grow. There’s no that no doubt that this team will be holding on tightly to sound systems foreseeable future.

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