Virgil Abloh & Serena Williams combine for the Nike “QUEEN” Collection

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Virgil Abloh & Serena Williams combine for the Nike “QUEEN” Collection

The “Queen” Collection by Nike sees Virgil Abloh and Serena Williams bring their characters, collaborating on a tennis and modern fashion hybrid delivery. Both standout personalities in their respective fields, it was only right for the two internationally popular figures to join with the global sportswear brand for a new collection.

For this year’s event at Flushing Meadows in New York, Serena will be wearing pieces from the delivery and will be styled by Abloh. Celebrating the tournament’s 50th anniversary, the championed designer applies his signature aesthetic to some of NikeCourt‘s most prominent tennis-oriented items.

Virgil Abloh tells Nike:

“With Serena, we have one of our generation’s most powerful, inspiring athletes as the muse. I was trying to embody her spirit and bring something compelling and fresh to tennis.”

He continues:

“What I love about tennis is the gracefulness. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it takes touch and finesse, so the dress is feminine, but combines her aggression. It’s partially revealing. It’s asymmetrical. It has a sort of ballerina-esque silhouette to symbolize her grace. It’s not about bells and whistles and tricks. It’s just about it living on the body, and expressing Serena’s spirit with each swing of the racket.”

Meeting the NikeCourt design team in Paris to discuss a performance dress for Williams, he came up with a tutu-like piece to ensure nimbleness on the court. The collection also includes “flare” items, such as the limited edition NikeCourt Flare 2 PEOff-White Air Max 97 and Blazer Mid SW. A bomber jacket and a bag is also arriving in the drop, constructed for nightime play.

No prices or release dates have been specified as of yet, although, some sources say that the full collection may drop August 27th when the tournament officially kicks off. Be sure to check out the lookbook above and visit back soon for more details. You can also find more style news at the link below.

Source/Credit: Nike

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