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Burberry will no longer burn unsold goods & stops using real fur

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Burberry will no longer burn unsold goods & stops using real fur

News hit this morning concerning luxury apparel and accessory brand Burberry, as the label officially announces that it will immediately cease the use of real fur on their clothes. The brand will also stop destroying clothes that deemed as “unsaleable”, which was a practice they regularly undertook that mad headlines last month.

Releasing a statement earlier today via its website (see here), the international premium fashion company seems to be cleaning up their image. It was recently identified that the corporation burned around £28.6 million worth of clothes and cosmetics within the past year in order to protect its brand from counterfeiters and resellers.

Explaining at the time this news broke – that it already has large recycling operations in place – the brand seems to be now prioritizing their corporate responsibility and economic footprint. Burberry previously used rabbit, raccoon, fox and mink fur, however, they will us real fur no longer. This starting from their next collection debuting at the end of the month – by Riccardo Tisci).

International media director at Humane Society UK, Wendy Higgins had this say:

“Burberry is very wise to be ending its association with fur and it joins the ranks of an ever increasing number of top designers like Gucci, Michael Kors, DKNY and Versace, who have also realised that real fur has no future in fashion.”

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Source/Credit: Independant

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