Is Childish Gambino’s “Feels like Summer” video for art or a viral moment?

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Is Childish Gambino’s “Feels like Summer” video for art or a viral moment?

Childish Gambino recently returned to music after a lengthy period of acting, writing and directing. Responsible for the hit show “Atlanta” and the portrayal of Lando Calrissian in the latest “Star Wars” movie, the multi-talented rapper and singer now hits us with the official video for recent single, “Feels like Summer“.

The animated video heavily features guest appearances from a whole host of acts. It’s unspecified whether or not they were aware of Gambino‘s project beforehand, but it’s surely an enjoyable and vibrant end product for both parties (fans and musicians alike) either way.

Using the likeness of many artists – we pose the question – whether Childish Gambino was focused more on art or virality this time around.

There are no direct negative or positive assumptions to the question, just a thought about art vs virality. Kanye‘s tears, Nicki Minaj‘s beef with Travis Scott and other identifiable personalities/references, may be evidence that Gambino potentially exploited his peer’s current affairs for attention.

Directed by the man himself, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp, it’s an interesting angle to look at considering Gambino still had the spotlight from “This is America“. This still doesn’t exclude him from a potential reach at virality, talented and creative as he is.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below which you believe he chose.

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