Deezer X Zak Abel X Daniel Cordas Music With Sole Collaboration

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Deezer X Zak Abel X Daniel Cordas Music With Sole Collaboration

Global music streaming service Deezer has collaborated with British singer/songwriter Zak Abel and artist Daniel Cordas.

The challenge for the two creatives was to create custom trainer designs based on their personal interpretations of Zak’s single, ‘Love Song‘.

Trainer 1: Zak’s Design:

To Zak, his track ‘Love Song’, signified a ‘positive’ relationship breakup and his attempt to regain control of his life. His design sees warm red, pink, blue and orange colours, indicating the sun setting on his relationship.

To represent taking steps apart, there is one hand on the back of each shoe. The two hands can only touch when both trainers are pressed together. Abel commented:

“Creating and listening to music a highly emotional experience. It’s always fascinated me that people will listen to the same track and hear it differently. Deezer’s ‘Music With Sole’ challenge meant we could really bring this concept to life through using amazing trainer art”.

Trainer 2: Daniel’s Design:

Daniel’s interpretation of ‘Love Song‘ revolves around resentment and relief. The lyrics, “throwing pebbles in the ocean” are depicted with the sea cordoned by yellow tape to signify the end of a toxic relationship.

Daniel also plays with the metaphor of burning bridges with an image of a bridge on fire. Cordas also took a lighter to the shoe to create a ‘singed’ look. Daniel explained:

“I’ve always said my designs are art, not customs. When Deezer challenged me to create artwork that connected sneaker culture with the personalisation of music it felt like the perfect synergy”.

Trainer 3: The Artists Musical Flow:

Daniel also designed a third pair of special ‘Flow’ trainers. The shoes feature the songs that influence both artists on their creative path.

For Zak, his favourite Motown artists such as Marvin Gaye help him to find his musical mindset. While for Daniel, tracks from artists from a different genre, such as Kanye West, inspire him to create his best work.

A number of lucky fans will get the chance to win a pair of the bespoke trainers created by the artists. Follow and keep an eye on the Instagrams of Deezer, Zak Abel, and Daniel Cordas to enter.

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