Does Tyler, The Creator deserve more recognition?

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Does Tyler, The Creator deserve more recognition?

On the 17th of August, Tyler, The Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival went on general sale and once again sold out; this time, in a matter of 30 minutes. Let us just remind you that this year’s carnival is at the LA Dodger’s stadium. A stadium that has a capacity of 56,000.

The first carnival, originally titled the Odd Future Carnival, took place in 2012. It allowed fans to play carnival games, enjoy rides for free, as well as meet the pioneers of their teenage angst. It created a safe space for Odd Future fans to come and combine their obsessions.

This was also the case with pop-up shops that would take place internationally. Tyler gets very little radio play and so had to create another way to make money other than album sales. So, OF/Golf Wang clothing became his main source of income. In 2013, $250,000 was made off the sales of socks alone.

It is often said that Tyler is a pioneer regarding the pop-up shop fad. Hence, trend starter. This is reason number one.

Back in 2013, T received creative control for several  Mountain Dew commercials. The successful rapper was given this opportunity at the age of just 22, which showed that he was a force to be reckoned with early on. Even though the commercials backfired and caused controversy, it was a statement about T’s creative potential.

At the age of 27, Mr Okonma has now had three syndicated TV shows, partnerships with Vans and Converse, four albums as well a Grammy nomination. He has also been semi-responsible for the exposure of artists such as Kali Uchis and Rex Orange County, through production and features respectively. Majority of Odd Future’s and Tyler’s project covers were self-made by T using Photoshop; mostly seen as weird and non-marketable.

Yet, now we have album covers such as Travis Scott‘s Astroworld and Lil Yachty’s Teenage Emotions, which are considered artistic and ground-breaking.

Even with all these accolades, it’s uncertain whether Tyler will actually become better recognised to the world for his work. Especially for his music and ventures, rather than his humorous tweets and long-lost vines. However, what we do know is, that Tyler, the Creator has made his stamp on a generation.

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