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Good American Add New Size To Make Range More Inclusive

Khloe Kardashian‘s size-inclusive label Good American has been creating denim and pieces ranging from sizes 0 to a 24 since it’s launch in 2016.

Now the brand is introducing a new fit: size 15.

Over the past the two years, the brand has seen a 50%  larger return in sizes 14 and 16 compared to other sizes. This indicates that there’s a huge discrepancy between sizes 14 and 16.

As Good American said, there’s an industry-wide problem when it comes to sizing. Yet this brand is listening and taking customer feedback into account when creating their new range.

Set to launch this week, the new size range will debut in the brand’s new design called “Good Curve.” Arriving in a high-waisted fit, the pants will be available online at

Learn more about the new releases in the videos below.

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