Is Amazon Coming to a Cinema Near You?

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Is Amazon Coming to a Cinema Near You?

Amazon is reportedly making moves into the brick-and-mortar cinema industry.

This is because the e-commerce giant is apparently in the running to buy the cinema chain, Landmark Theatres, and its 50 l0cations in the US.

If it becomes a done deal, they would be the first big tech company to enter the cinema arena. In recent years the cinema space has been upheaved by video-streaming services such as Netflix.  These types of streaming platforms make it easier and more affordable to watch new movies at home.

Rather than trying to beat Netflix at their own game, Amazon is veering off on their own course. Making their way into movie theatres would follow Amazon’s growth into countless other forms of media. The expanding their entertainment business will prove to be beneficial. With more offerings for Prime members, the company can attract more people to sign up for the subscription plan or to maintain their existing ones.

Amazon is known most for its ever-present internet shopping service. Yet the company has been steadily increasing its physical presence. It has physical bookstores and has plans to open Amazon Go checkout-free stores across the US.

Although, we will have to wait for more information on the tech-giants plans. This is as Amazon has refused to confirm anything as of yet. But it will be interesting to see whether more traditional methods of distribution will make a return more in the future.

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