Isaiah Theo remains focused on latest EP ‘Told’

Isaiah Theo remains focused on latest EP ‘Told’

London rapper Isaiah Theo has been crafting his sound for a while. Finally, in a place of confidence, the creative unlocked his EP Told days ago. Using a self-created acronym (Thinking Out Loud Deliberately), the set is five tracks long and unlocks personal anecdotes of Theo throughout.

The theme of free-thought is a constant with songs such as Rise hinting at a confidence manifesting in the lyricist. Still, the acknowledgment of one’s journey and there is a “long way to go” is reiterated. Elsewhere, Theo shares his passion for perfection and relentless work-rate on the project’s opener You’ll Never Know. Here, a sense of individualism is littered across the record; Isaiah Theo knows that he is in a minority and that his passion alone is his driving force, so much so, that the following number is titled Alone in the Dark. However, a different element of standing alone is conveyed here – loneliness.

After overcoming this pitfall, Theo faces his demons and tells himself to “get a grip” as he elevates his career. It’s here that his “Halo” is revealed to the listener; the MC is humbly trying to get what he thinks is deserved and orchestrate the correct moves to get there.

Overall, Told is a great beginning for Isaiah Theo. It directly places the listener at the epicenter of the rappers mindset, way of life and demons. We’re learning as Theo is learning and processing his emotions as the project builds. A truly vulnerable and matter-of-fact approach that echoes the strategy of veteran rappers in the game.

Stream ‘Told’ below – also available on Apple Music and Soundcloud.

Featured Image: Keaton Rich

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