Look Mate London x Karan Launches “241” Collaboration

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Look Mate London x Karan Launches “241” Collaboration

 Look Mate team up with gifted artist and illustrator Karan Singh for their collaborative “241” release.

The Amsterdam-based talent plays on the concept of perspective, appearing to be a different design depending on which side you see the pair from. Hitting shelves just in time for autumn, the skilled creative applies spots of black to an off-white base.

This signature print makes the design unmistakable, closely resembling animalistic patterns. Constructed from organic combed cotton, this is what Karan had to say about the luxury sock:

“I’m especially interested in perspective and illusion in my work; This design, in particular, was inspired by anamorphic illusions which require the viewer to be in a specific position to view the installation. ‘241’ is a play on this, and explores how we see different perspectives or in this case a different design, depending on which side you look at then.”

Available now, get your pair of the “241” socks over at Look Mate London here for £12.00 per pair. You can also find more sock collabs here or explore more in fashion by clicking our link underneath.

Source/Credit: Look Mate London

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