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Another month, another CLOUD 9 feature. As we move into Fall/Autumn, we think that there’s no other way to celebrate – than with some new music! Over the past week, we’ve gathered the very best sounds from around the world and focused them into a 9-track compilation. The concept of this feature is to highlight some of the best music made available over the past fortnight, but we frequently cheat with the time frame due to so much great music being released (sorry?).

Outtakes from albums, single debuts and much more are in store, with a few big names such as Little Simz included in the mix. Packed with a massive range of sounds, edition no. 60 includes hip-hop, R&B, Neo-soul and many more genres.

Please Note: these songs are not compiled in any particular order. Without further adieu, sit back, plug-in to the “Cloud of Sound” and relax as we present; 


Beamin” serves as one of many upcoming singles from rising London-based singer ONUR, who brings an epic sound to the table on his latest release. Something close to an official movie soundtrack, the groovy anthem details a hard break up coming out of a serious relationship. This lo-fi cut should get you excited for more of what’s to come from ONUR

2. Innanet James – Keep It Clean

Releasing his album”Keep It Clean” a few weeks back, Innanet James does exactly that on every release. The cool and energetic rapper often brings a fun energy to his music, naturally possessing high charisma and a strong personality. The title track above displays this in full, which is why it’s number two on this edition of Cloud 9! Be sure to check out the rest of the album on all streaming services here, which features Pusha TTaliwoah and a few others.

3. John Givez – 2 Steppin’

Oceanside native John Givez shows even more depth to his music, slowing it down for “2 Steppin“. This nostalgic cut reminds you of a smooth mid-to-late 90’s vibe, however, it still has a current feel to it. The echoing choir adds an extra layer of soul to the cut – as if it needs it! Breaking an almost year-long hiatus, let us know if you’re feeling it.

4. Nova Moura – Gone Girl (prod. XXYYXX)

The sound of R&B has changed so much over the years, to the point it’s hard to define. However, that’s certainly what the sound of Nova Moura‘s “Gone Girl” is closest to – the genre in its contemporary form. The song features an infectious hook and sees production from Florida producer XXYYXXas Nova explores the gamut of emotions caused by abandonment and separation. The single was also recently premiered by Highsnobiety.

5. Barney Artist – Merchants feat. Jordan Rakei

By far one of the most underrated rappers in the UK, Barney Artist finally drops his new project, “Home is Where the Art Is“. The record above – “Merchants” featuring Australian-born neo-soul singer Jordan Rakei – is an outtake from said LP, which you can listen to in full on all major  streaming platforms here. If that doesn’t make you want to hear more, then maybe great music isn’t for you. Don’t worry about it.

6. Noah & Shagabond – Genuine

Released via Majestic Casual Records, “Genuine” by Noah & Shagabond might be a highlight on this edition of  Cloud 9. Seriously smooth with clean production and even cleaner vocals, there is little room to hate on the heartfelt release. In contrast to the modern R&B sound of Nova Moura, this song by Noah & Shagabond is sonically closer to the traditional version of the genre. Super chill.

7. Jevon – Paranoia

Picking the energy back up, rapper, producer and songwriter, Jevon hits listeners with bouncy record “Paranoia“. Funnily enough, the production resembles something of a Timbaland-meets-Soulection vibe, which just works in perfect harmony. His half sing half rap melodies are always on point, making for an enjoyable loosie and something to add to your playlists for sure.

8. King Kay – Caramel Lounge

It’s always a great sight to see new music from King Kay, who also deserves a little more light and respect for his talents. The cocky lyricist has dropped a whole load of quality in recent times, really impressing with his previous tape, “Winner’s Winter“. A great ear for beats and a skillful delivery is a marriage that’ll always stand the test of time. The refreshing sample here shines through, with production handled by Emil.

9.  Little Simz – Offence

We can’t help but highlight bigger artists too when they drop quality like Little Simz does. She is one of the most brilliant and consistent British rappers out there, who is embraced by the U.S. and many parts of Europe, perhaps even more so than the UK. “Offence” is one the latest single releases from Simz, who seems to be gearing up for her next official album. She also released new single “Boss” less than one week ago.

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