Ro Ransom releases “Might Go” visuals / Talks upcoming EP

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Ro Ransom Releases “Might Go” Visuals / Talks Upcoming EP

Ro Ransom has been a part of New-York’s underground scene for the last few years. Quickly building street-cred, the MC has a variety of projects building a cult following. His latest tape ‘Momentum‘ pushed Ransom into wider conversation and solidified his star potential in the city. Featuring the likes of Jazz Cartier, the act also proved that he has respect amongst his industry peers. Looking to further cement his status, the rapper is back with his new EP titled ‘Possessed’ on September 14th.

In a build-up to the EP launch, Ro Ransom dropped off the visuals for the sets latest single ‘Might Go’ and they do not disappoint. Ransom and guest Kensei Abbot revel in their individuality throughout the two minutes and forty-seven seconds.

Speaking exclusively to L Ø S T  C U L T U R E, Ro Ransom talks ‘Might Go’, his new ‘Possessed’ EP and more.

I know New York is a hard market to crack, do you think you have a lane in your hometown?

I feel like I speak for New York’s underworld. A lot of times New York is the last place to fully accept an artist from New York though. 6ix9ine built the start of his movement in Europe, for instance.

What inspired the ‘Might Go’ visuals, they seem quite care free?

We got really high and shot a video, then I put a bunch of shit that I think on the screen in text.

What’s been your favourite feature to date and why?

Feature on my own song? Jazz Cartier on Prettiest. He’s always been good to me and it was overdue, us doing a song. I’m glad it was a classic like that that we got to make together.

What do you want your music to convey to potential fans?

I want my music to let people know it’s ok to be yourself. I’ve never shot anybody and I like Kuroshitsuji, Meditation and Makeup, and I’m still cool. Pussy still chases me. I want it to make them feel better about whatever they’re going through. I want it to make them smile and laugh.

‘Possessed’ is out this week, what’s the ongoing theme throughout the project?

Possessed is about a few things. More than anything it’s about indulging in worldly vices in an attempt to fix inner demons. Trying to rid what you’re possessed by, with possessions. My masculine side and my feminine side fighting over the right thing to do. Masculinity is the foolish pride that gets me to do the dumb shit. The femininity is the strength to be vulnerable enough to know when the jig is up. All that will make more sense when you hear the EP in order 1-7.

Do you think there’s a standout record on the set, if so what’s it called and why do you think this?

The whole shit is hot but my favorite song is Take Control. It’s a moment of clarity where I realize no matter how high I get or how many chains I buy, my girl is gone and I’m alone. It cuts a little deeper cause it was one of those situations where we were still together but she’d already checked out. Very honest song.

Does Harlem or any of the experiences you’ve had there carry over into your music?

Harlem is the reason I have the confidence to be as not-typically-Harlem as I am, if that makes sense. Harlem gives you thick skin. A lot of my music is inspired by nights of debauchery on the Upper West Side, on the Lower East Side. That’s what my music sounds like to me. Drugs and sex on Ludlow.

Outside of music what’s one thing on your mind that you’re happy about?

I’m happy to be alive for sure. I’m not very happy about the state of the human race or the human condition. It kinda feels like nobody is a person anymore, they’re just a number. Data. An impression. Sometimes that makes it hard to be happy. But I really like this anime called Banana Fish. It’s super good.

Lastly, who, if anyone, has been an inspiration throughout the recording process this time round? 

Aaliyah for sure. I had a dream last night that I performed with Missy. Destiny’s Child definitely inspired this EP. TLC. I tried to take that feminine spirit and Ro Ransom-ize it. That’s the music I heard as a 7 year old that made me love music in the first place before I was even into rap or rapping.

Watch Ro Ransom‘s visual for ‘Might Go’ and  ‘Possessed’  EP are out now watch/stream below.


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