Skepta Apologizes for Nike Air Max Deluxe SK Selling Out

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Skepta Apologizes for Nike Air Max Deluxe SK Selling Out

For many collaborators, it would be a momentous achievement to have their sneaker sell out with Nike. However, this isn’t the case for London-born rapper Skepta.

Following the release of his Nike Air Max Deluxe SK collaboration, the MC has apologized to fans who missed out on the chance to get a pair.

Releasing this past weekend, Skepta immediately took to Instagram thanked those who had bought the sneaker. He added that the sneaker selling out so quickly was usually “something to scream and celebrate about.”

Continuing, he acknowledged the drawback of the shoe selling out.

The MC explained, “honestly I’m not happy that so many of you miss out on being part of something I put so much emotion in.”

Skepta also hinted at more chances to get the Air Max Deluxe SK and the possibility of more Nike SkAIR collaborations in the future.

You can read Skepta’s full apology post below.

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