Watch The Kardashians Prank Kris Jenner on Kims New Show

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Watch The Kardashians Prank Kris Jenner on Kims New Show

Kris Jenner has seen numerous pranks played on her by her daughters in their hit reality TV series, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

Now, Kim K is producing her own Facebook-exclusive show, ‘You Kiddin’ Me’, dedicated to hilarious prank pulling.  And who would be more perfect to kick off the new with than the original prank-victim, Kris Jenner?

For the first episode, Kim enlists the help of her sisters Kourtney and Kendall for their typical antics.

The sisters instruct their momager to go by the name Kris Jenné and follow their instructions for the whole prank. Kris finds herself visiting an art gallery, where she thinks she’ll be critiquing art.

However, Kris soon learns that she’s actually the featured artist and must present her bizarre paintings to members of the public.

The new show will feature a range of celebrities in the upcoming episodes. Like Kris, they will have in-ear microphones, being controlled by friends and family members.

Make sure to watch the clip above and follow the show on Facebook here.

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