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50 Years Of Ralph Lauren: Polo Bear Watch Collection

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50 Years Of Ralph Lauren: Polo Bear Watch Collection

Continuing its celebration of 50 years of his iconic brand, Ralph Lauren has announced the release of 4 special Polo Bear watches.

Featuring 4 styles of the Polo Bear, dressed to mirror Ralphs personal style with; Flag Bear, Preppy Bear, Martini Bear, and Spectator Bear.

This is the first time the designer has created watches for the Polo brand, and when enquired as to why? He simply responded,

It’s purely a fun project. It was not about who’s out there and what are they doing. I find that when I do things like this, with a smile on it, it works. It’s not planned to be a big thing. If it is, we’ll take it, but it’s not planned. I find for me, that’s what works.

The watches will be aimed towarda retail at $2,0000 and will be available at select Ralph Lauren stores along with being available online.

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