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adidas launches “Creators Club” scheme which offers early access, exclusive products, & more

Earlier this week, adidas introduced their new membership program, named the “Creators Club“. This aims to give some of their most loyal customer’s exclusive access to new products, exclusive offers, and invitations to special events.

Aiming to give some power to their early adopters and social influencers, the sportswear giant is now embracing their biggest supporters. Their U.S. branch is the first to implement this programme, so our American readers can sign up now at adidas.com. A promo video for the scheme also arrived – see the clip above.

adidas detail some of the mechanics in the video’s description, by stating:

“Earn points to rise through the ranks and unlock new rewards at each level, including Hype Access, Premium Customization, Early Product Access, Runtastic Premium, Special Events and so much more”

The more that gets purchased, the more events that get attended, and the more overall points you get can result in bigger and better rewards. Exciting time to be an adidas wearer hey? Be sure to comment any thoughts you may have below or click our link underneath to explore more fashion news.

Source: Highsnobiety

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