Avengers Annihilation: Leaked Teaser Trailer for “Avengers 4”?

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Avengers Annihilation: Leaked Teaser Trailer for “Avengers 4”?

A few days ago, the clip above surfaced online and went viral on social media, many believing that it was an official leaked teaser for Avengers 4.

Appearing to be titled “Avengers Annihilation“, the clip shows a broken Infinity Gauntlet, which would appear to accurately carry on the story from the prequel. A relevant speech from Thanos himself and a movie theater setting all contribute to the real or fake scale here. However, if it is real, it would be a surprise that the clip hasn’t been taken down yet.

Most people are pretty skeptical about the clip and are ruling out that the teaser is in fact legitimate. With no screening or press events occurring in recent times, along with a frame of Captain America in stone (which some claims to have seen previously), the likely hood is that the clip isn’t an official teaser. Comic book heads and movie fans alike on currently engaging in a back and forth on forums like Reddit over its credibility.

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