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Banksy art piece self-shredded after being sold at auction for $1 million

Controversial artist Banksy sees his piece of art self-shredded at an auction house this past weekend, which had just been sold seconds before for $1 million USD.

Titled “Girl With Red Balloon“, the massive troll of an occasion saw interested buyers and art lovers stunned as they watched the expensive painting tear itself into pieces. This occurred recently at Sotheby’s Auction House, seeing the artwork sold for £860,000 (to be exact) and almost immediately drop down through its frame into a concealed shredder.


What hasn’t been specified as of yet, is whether this will result in a refund for the buyer, or if it, in fact, made the piece increase in value. Below you can check out all of the goings-on, as the 1-minute clip shows the event from a great angle.

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