Five thoughts after first listen: Riton & Kah-Lo – ‘Foreign Ororo’

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Five thoughts after first listen: Riton & Kah-Lo – ‘Foreign Ororo’

The age of songwriters is now. With the likes of Jessie J, Sevyn Streeter and Ray BLK utilising their words to cultivate a lane for their own work the market has allowed others to follow suit. Kah-Lo is an artist on a similar trajectory. Following a high-profile introduction to her solo career via her collaboration with renowned DJ Riton, both parties decided to cement their pairing with their LP ‘Foriegn Ororo’. But do the Grammy-nominated duo have the consistency?

LØST CULTURE presents ‘Five thoughts after first listen’.


1)  Riton provides plot twists throughout

Foreign Ororo places itself in a dance-heavy universe, where experimental, fun and loud soundscapes dominate. However, Riton manages to orchestrate some strategic production based plot twists throughout to leave the listener even more engaged than ever. One that instantly springs to mind is towards the end of ‘Fake ID’. Just before the song heads towards its ending, Riton distorts the instrumentals in such a way and builds up to a smooth finale. These are the types of soundscapes that demonstrate Riton‘s clear talent as a producer.


2)  Kah-Lo’s USP is her accent

Kah-Lo is extremely confident throughout the album and allows the audience to see her personality. But part of what makes this set so unique is her accent, which has its foundations in Nigeria. Being all the way honest, this sound isn’t a far cry away from the Azealia Banks’ or Diplo, what makes this project so different is it’s layered approach and distinct attributes like Kah-Lo‘s accent. It’s great to see her mix in and out of it in places amongst her onomatopoeia’s and other vocal techniques.


3)  The balance between the pair is spot on

Throughout the LP, its clear that the duo are in sync and have found their creative sweet spot. It doesn’t feel like an overbearing show of who can outshine the other, but rather a balance of capabilities to ensure success. A perfect example of this is on the album-cut ‘Betta Riddim’. The strong bass and throwback dance production pounds its way throughout the three minutes and twenty eight seconds. However, Riton is close behind, confidently talking that talk and almost becomes the beat as she champions the “lit ones that need no permission”. The sharing between the two makes for a refreshing listen.


4) ‘Rinse and Repeat’ is only the beginning 

If anyone, anywhere doubted the potential of Riton and Kah-Lo, they’d better get ready to eat their words. In an arena where the Kaytranada‘s, Azealia Banks‘ and Goldlink’s are rapidly rising, diverse sound pallets are in (or about to be). Armed and ready for this new wave, Foreign Ororo has future hits in abundance. ‘Fake ID‘ has already been championed by the likes of Selena Gomez, but beyond that, the album is full of potential singles for the new year. The likes of ‘Catching Feelings’, ‘Betta Riddim’ and ‘Ginger’ could work as promotional tools for the project. What’s interesting is that there are songs that could both work across the world, but also in isolated markets – this demonstrates the vast amount of range throughout their collaborative effort.


5)  Foreign Ororo is upbeat to the core

If you’re looking to wallow in your emotions, this isn’t the album for you. Foreign Ororo was crafted for a good time and a good time only. It arrives at a time where, especially in Britain, things are turning dark and grey, which is perfect. Riton and Lo provide the solution to winter blues and it only gets better as you get deeper into the set. It’s interesting as projects like this tend to be released throughout the summer, Ibiza, party season. However, releasing now is ideal in terms of visibility. A clever time to drop (whether it was planned or not).


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