Illumated trees scattered around in front of Leeds Town Hall

Light Night 2018: A look into Leeds’ 14th annual arts & light festival

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Light Night Leeds 2018: UK arts and light festival

Leeds Light Night returned for another year and took over the city as the UK’s biggest Arts and Light Festival.

Taking place over two days, with various exhibitions around the city. Leeds embraced this massive venture with installations and performances located within galleries and buildings all around the city.

With local, national and international artist all taking their place at the festival there were over 60 arts events to witness across the city.

The whole event centered around the celebration of social change and was started with an illuminated parade celebrating 100 years since women got the vote.

The stand out installation being an Alien invasion over Victoria Gate from Tasmanian based artist Amanda Parer.

Did you manage to see anything around the city?

What were your favorite exhibitions?

Flick through and see a few of the installations our intern Sam managed to capture from the evening.


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