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We’re happy to present our latest visual interview with London-based indie musician and guitar specialist, Hak Baker.

Soothing vocals, acoustic instrumentation and relatable lyrics fused with dense metaphors, results in an act that brings refreshing depth in character. Hak blessed COLORS Studios around this time last year, performing a powerful song called “Tom“. This along with a string of solo releases, won over many new fans and speculative listeners.

The same could be said about “Conundrum“, which is one of Hak‘s most popular songs to date. Bringing something authentically British and quite frankly unique to the table, the g-folk singer/songwriter followed up through 2018 with more stunning music and accompanying visuals.

This year’s drops include the likes of “SKINT” and “Thirsty Thursday“, seeing Baker offer consistent, artistic projects with great substance.

Our interviewer, Kennedy Taylor, finds out about his journey so far, when he first picked up the guitar, life growing up and much more – shot at The Abbey Tavern (Kentish Town) in Camden, enjoy the interview above now and be sure to comment your thoughts below.

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