Wiley explodes at Boy Better Know & Dizzee Rascal on Instagram

Wiley explodes at Boy Better Know & Dizzee Rascal on Instagram

Grime legend and previous BBK member/affiliate Wiley gives his opinion on the collaboration between Skepta and Dizzee Rascal.

The long-lasting feud between Wiley and Dizzee has lasted over a decade now, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of both legends. However, these types of situations always get political with people in between. Skepta and Jammer are two artists who get caught some serious heat along with Dizzee on Wiley‘s Instagram Story earlier today.

See a compilation of the videos by GRM Daily‘s social media:

In addition, this sort of reaction should only be half of a surprise to those in the know about the history between all of these artists. The problems seem to stem much deeper compared to what’s actually being portrayed here. In one of the many clips, Wiley says:

“Dizzee and Skepta on a tune f*kin hell…oi you know what neither of you lot can talk to me I ain’t talking to you I’m not talking to you that’s it. Done. You made your bed now go lie in it you paigons”

Be sure to comment your thoughts below or see the clips of Wiley’s explosive rant above.

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